Element Strategy Initiative Advisory Council 2019

Element Strategy Initiative Advisory Council 2019
(ESIAC2019)(Finished: Thank you for your participation. Please fill out the following questionnaire. You can download the materials of the day from the following program.)

We decided to convene an international advisory council, the Element Strategy Initiative Advisory Council (ESIAC)2019, in order to evaluate the project activities and seek advice and to  retain the advantage of materials science in our country.

We will develop an “Outline report meeting” at which we will reconfirm the purpose of this project, the implementation system that we have built up to now, the outcomes obtained at each research center and the cooperative situation with the Specific Advanced Large-Scale Research Facility, and so on.

We will hold a “Public Meeting ” at which there will be an exchange of opinions between participants regarding the ideal future shape of material research based on the Element Strategy Initiative.

We should be very much obliged if you can participate.

Element Strategy Initiative to Form Core Research Centers
Professor Kohei Tamao, Program Director
Professor Hidetoshi Fukuyama, Adviser to the Chair and the President of the ESIAC2019


Date:  Friday, December 13, 2019,
(Opening Session) 16:00~17:50
(Banquet) 18:00~20:00 ; attendance fee: 5,000yen
Venue: TKP Garden City Premium, Yokohama Landmark Tower 25F
(seating for about 100 people)
Address: 2-2-1, Minatomirai, Nishi, Yokohama, Kanagawa 2200012, Japan
We would appreciate comments from participants. Please take a few minutes to answer the questionnaire on this project.



[Open Session]

15:30 – Registration desk open
16:00 – 16:05 Opening remarks
Hidetoshi FUKUYAMA (ESIAC Chairman)
16:05 – 16:15 Expectations for Element Strategy Initiative
Hiroyoshi KUROSAWA (Counselor, Materials Science and Nanotechnology Development Division, Research Promotion Bureau, MEXT)
Shuichi SAKAMOTO (General Counselor, Cabinet Office)
16:15 – 16:25 Introduction of the Element Strategy Initiative : To Form Core Research Centers (ESI-PJ)
Kohei TAMAO (Program Director)
16:25 – 17:15 Activities of Core Research centers  (10min/each)
The Elements Strategy Initiative Center for Magnetic Materials (ESICMM)
Satoshi HIROSAWA, Director General (NIMS)
Tokodai Institute for Element Strategy (TIES)
Hideo HOSONO,Representative (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Elements Strategy Initiative for Catalysts and Batteries (ESICB)
Tsunehiro TANAKA, Director (Kyoto University)
Elements Strategy Initiative for Structural Materials (ESISM)
Isao TANAKA, Director (Kyoto University)
17:15 – 17:50 Collaborative research facilities (10min/each)
High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI)
Shinji TSUNEYUKI (The University of Tokyo)

Particle beam facility
Toshiji KANAYA ( High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK))
Synchrotron radiation facility
Masaki TAKATA (Tohoku University)
18:00 – 20:00 Get together Session
* Materials introduced in the session will be posted.
ESIAC2019 Reviewers and Advisers
Chairman Hidetoshi Fukuyama(Adviser to the Chair and the President, Tokyo University of Science)
Magnetic Michael Coey(Trinity College)
Terunobu Miyazaki(Professor, Tohoku University)
Electronic David Ginley(National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Masashi Takigawa(Professor, The Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo)
Structural Peter Gumbsch(Fraunhofer)
Yo Tomota(Partnership Fellow, The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
Catalysts Hans-Joachim Freund(Max-Planck-Gesellschaft)
Mizuki Tada(Professor, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University)
Batteries Jean-Marie Tarascon(Collège de-France)
Tetsuya Osaka(Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University)
Adviser Masaki Takata(Professor, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (IMRAM), Tohoku University)
Toshiji Kanaya(Professor, Institute of Materials Structure Science, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) )
Shinji Tsuneyuki(Professor, Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo)
(The University of Tokyo)
Dr.Hikaru KOUTA,  Secretariat General,
Niki KAWAKAMI, Secretariat