Researcher Introduction
Materials Research Center for Element Strategy, Tokyo Institute of Technology Specially Appointed Associate Professor Yu Kumagai

Motivation for Becoming a Researcher

I have wanted to be a researcher since my childhood because I thought scientists have the ability to change the world dramatically. With regard to my field of research, I decided to specialize in materials as I was fascinated by being able to do both fundamental and applied research and felt that excellent research results in this field could be useful to the world in a short period of time.

Your Greatest Strengths

We have been programming and building a computing environment by myself. I conduct research with an understanding of both the software and hardware aspects. I am proud that I have carried out research based on my own perspectives, without getting trapped by the trends and accepted practices of the times.

What Makes Your Research Interesting or Worthwhile

I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can solve problems by gradually accumulating knowledge about things that are unknown. I think another interesting aspect of this job is that, given the high degree of freedom one has in approaching the same problem, one can demonstrate their individuality as a researcher through their selected approach.

Other Research That Interests You

There are many subjects I would like to research, but first I would like to develop and apply methods for calculating the physical properties of semiconductors. We have also been developing an automatic calculation program, so I am also interested in the statistical analysis of high-volume computation data and machine learning based on this analysis.

Interests Other Than Research You Would Like to Pursue

I am interested in physical training and sports because my work involves very little physical activity. Currently, I work out at the gym and do climbing and bouldering on weeknights and weekends. I also like to read. When I have time, I hope to read books of many types, regardless of field.

Yu Kumagai

Materials Research Center for Element Strategy, Tokyo Institute of Technology Specially Appointed Associate Professor

Principal Work History:

In March 2010, I graduated from Kyoto University and acquired a Ph.D. in engineering. Thereafter, I worked as a researcher at Kyoto University and at ETH in Switzerland with a postdoctoral fellowship for research abroad provided by JSPS. I later served as a special assistant professor and subsequently a special lecturer at MCES of the Tokyo Institute of Technology and have been a specially appointed associate professor since December 2016. Since October 2016, I have been concurrently serving as a JST PRESTO researcher.

Ordinary vehicle license and ordinary motorcycle license

Notable Articles:

  • [1] Y. Kumagai, and F. Oba. “Electrostatics-based finite-size corrections for first-principles point defect calculations.” Phys. Rev. B, 89 (2014): 195205-1-15.
  • [2] Y. Kumagai, and N. A. Spaldin. “Structural domain walls in polar hexagonal manganites.” Nat. Commun., 4 (2013) 1540-1-8.

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