Researcher Introduction
Elements Strategy Initiative for Catalysts and Batteries, Kyoto University Program-Specific Assistant Senior Lecturer Hiroyuki Asakura

Motivation for Becoming a Researcher

While a graduate student, I was fortunate to get involved in catalysis research with X-ray absorption spectroscopy, which I learned is used in a wide variety of scientific research both in academia and industry. I felt this path could offer me the chance to contribute to science and technology from the perspective of catalysis and sophisticated measurement techniques.

Your Greatest Strengths

I have the experience and knowledge of how to apply X-ray absorption spectroscopy to various materials such as heterogeneous catalysts, homogeneous catalysts, plants, and semiconductors, and of starting up X-ray beamlines at a new synchrotron radiation facility (Aichi SR).

What Makes Your Research Interesting or Worthwhile

I’m working on the development of catalytic converters to reduce or eliminate use of precious metals and to obtain fundamental insight into three-way catalysis. When I have the opportunity to talk with researchers in industry who work with real catalysts, we often have an enthusiastic exchange of ideas.

Other Research That Interests You

I am interested in electrode catalysts and electrochemistry and recently have started playing around in this area. Electrode catalysts may be used as a solution to global energy issues by achieving efficient hydrogen production, metal-air battery, fuel cell, etc.

Interests Other Than Research You Would Like to Pursue

I am interested in providing things that many of us need but do not have time to prepare, such as manuals or tutorials in the areas of my profession. I have written a few such works in Japanese and have made them available to the public over the Internet.

Hiroyuki Asakura

Elements Strategy Initiative for Catalysts and Batteries, Kyoto University Program-Specific Assistant Senior Lecturer

Principal Work History:

I worked as a designated assistant professor at the Nagoya University Synchrotron Radiation Research Center and as a beamline technician for BL5S1 and BL11S2 at the Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center (Aichi SR) from April 2012 to March 2016. I received my Ph.D. in Engineering from Kyoto University in 2015. I served as a project-specific assistant professor of ESICB at Kyoto University beginning from April 2016 until being promoted to project-specific senior lecturer in November 2018.

Notable Articles:

  • [1] “Dynamic Behavior of Rh Species of Rh/Al2O3 Model Catalyst During Three-Way Catalytic Reaction – An Operando XAS Study.” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 140 (2018): 176–184.
  • [2] “A feasibility study of “range-extended” EXAFS measurement at Pt L3-edge of Pt/Al2O3 in the presence of Au2O3.” J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 33 (2018): 84–89.

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